Dogman Operations


This course is for people working on sites where cranes are operating and there is a requirement to communicate with the operators. This includes building and construction sites, large scale manufacturing and processing, ports and stevedoring operations or any other environments where cranes are used.

The course is based on industry best practice, coaching and assessment, uses the equipment on the worksite and, where relevant is based on company procedures. It is designed for trainees with previous experience in crane operation. On course completion trainees will be able to apply theory and skills in slinging loads and communication to carry out, analyse and evaluate processes.


NZQA unit standard 30072 – Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely

Minimum verified experience of 40 lifts (slinging and directing placement of load) with at least six variations of lifting operations that may include site, crane, loads, and communication methods.

Course Content
  • Apply knowledge of risk management, hazard control, and rigging planning to slinging regular loads
  • Prepare and sling regular loads and safely direct a crane during crane operations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the difference between regular loads and irregular loads
  • Demonstrate crane industry communication methods
NZQA Unit Standard Included

3789: Sling regular loads and communicate during crane operations

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