Overhead Gantry Crane


Overhead travelling cranes, portal cranes, Goliath, semi-Goliath and straddle carriers are referred to as Gantry cranes. The Code of Practise requires operators to be both experienced and trained.

Training options include full and renewal courses


Unit standard 30072 – Demonstrate Knowledge of Slinging Regular Loads.

Experience Pre-Requisites

Evidence of at least 1 month full time equivalent work-based experience in an environment where cranes are operating prior to the course date, proof will be required on enrolment.

What experience is required for the crane courses?

Prior experience is very important to ensure you are able to complete the assessments required. Because every worker’s experience is unique, it is difficult to assign an exact time-based level of experience. However, in general our crane courses require at least 3 months’ workplace experience. In the case of Overhead Gantry Cranes, at least 1 month’s full-time workplace experience is required.

What is the minimum requirement to operate a crane?

Unit standard-based training delivered by an accredited training establishment is generally recommended as the minimum requirement by WorkSafe NZ. WorkSafe NZ publishes the Cranes – Approved Code of Practice, which stipulates that any training needs be supported by a robust company health and safety policy and detailed operating procedures for the specified equipment.

Course Content
  • Demonstrate knowledge of company procedures and requirements for lifting practices and overhead cranes
  • Park crane and store equipment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of pendant and remote controlled cranes, monorail, and suspended hoists and lifting equipment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the care and safe use of pendant and remote controlled cranes, monorail, and suspended hoists and lifting equipment
  • Sling, lift, travel, and unload or place regular loads
NZQA Unit Standard Included

3800: Operate a radio remote or pendant controlled overhead crane and lift and place regular loads

Overhead Gantry Crane – Renewal Course

This course option supports the Crane Best Practise Guidelines recommendation that all operators refresh the original certification (3800) within three years to maintain the Crane Operators Certificate.

Please contact us for course pricing and dates lindsay@roadtrain.nz or 0800 667744